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Our next availability starts January.


This variety does not root in the summer; hence we can only offer liners in the winter and spring.


Being a moss (and not a fern), this variety is highly variable, and liners will vary from gold tipped, lime green, to gold. We do not guarantee any particular or stable shade of gold/green.


It can be grown in a variety of containers, from 4” pots to 8” baskets. In baskets, we recommend 3 plugs / container.


The habit is mounding / spreading.


The roots are shallow and will do better in Azalea pots or bulb pans.


Once watered in, the liners should be left without water or feed until they have started to establish. This may take a few weeks.


They do not have any pests but are prone to rot under wet, warm conditions.


Conversely, they are drought intolerant and should never be allowed to dry.  Should be grown under moderate temperatures, ideally in the 70s, with plenty of shade.  



Zones 7-8


Vigor: Medium

4" Pots

6" Pots

Hanging Baskets

Golden Moss

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